A brief introduction to the eyebrow pencil


The eyebrow pencil is a beauty cosmetic for the thrush. […]

The eyebrow pencil is a beauty cosmetic for the thrush. Modern eyebrow pencils come in two forms, one is a pencil type, the other is a push tube type, and the refill is pushed out to draw a thrush. The shade of the eyebrows has always been an important parameter for fashion.

A long time ago, the lady knew how to ask her sidely, "The thrush is not in the air." In the early 1990s, women who were tired of painting thrush every day were popular with tattoos, hoping to have fashionable eyebrows once and for all.

As everyone knows that it is about to become obsolete, any investment in the popular permanent will not be rewarded accordingly. The eyebrows lying on the face are very eye-catching and become the living reverse material for the eyebrows and advertisers.

Its advantages are convenient and fast, suitable for sketching eyebrows, drawing short feathery eyebrows, and sketching eyebrows. The downside is that the lines drawn are relatively blunt; they cannot be reconciled because they contain wax and are relatively easy to remove in warm and humid environments.

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