How to design an attractive cosmetic outer package


For example, mature consumers, wage Cosmetic pen earner […]

For example, mature consumers, wage Cosmetic pen earners, housewives and those with less economic income are more realistic; young people, intellectual class and those with better economy are more aesthetic; white-collar workers and extroverts pay more attention to outstanding. Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be selected according to the target consumer groups of product positioning.In the case of convenient use and product safety, we can adopt some novel packaging forms to attract consumers to buy. Secondly, it is particularly important to have new ideas in the packaging graphics.

The combination of dot, line and surface composition and color is the best form to attract consumers and give people beautiful enjoyment.But we can't design for design either. Before the design, we must carry on the brand portrait, understand some characteristics of the brand, so as to have a definite aim in the packaging design, achieve a good communication effect, and create a good brand image. In the aspect of packaging color, according to the characteristics of various colors, contact the characteristics of the brand, the perfect combination of the two can attract the attention of consumers, and even lead to purchase behavior.of cosmetics packaging should be throughout the design of its packaging.

Cosmetics not only sell efficacy, but also sell fashion and culture. Nowadays, consumers are no longer satisfied with the functions of products, and begin to pay more attention to the cultural symbols represented by brands. Cosmetics, as a kind of consumer goods developed with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the symbols they represent.Due to age, gender, occupation, culture, economic level and other differences, cosmetics consumers' shopping psychological activities and functions are also different.

Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics should also reflect the individual differences, and carry out accurate positioning. "In the advertising industry, positioning is like going to the bathroom to unzip," said George 61 gribin, a famous advertising master The author believes that the same is true in the packaging design of cosmetics, each cosmetics has its specific target consumers and characteristics. Therefore, before the packaging design of cosmetics, it is necessary to study the consumer behavior and consumer psychology of the target consumers.