What should be paid attention to when choosing cosmetic packaging materials


By learning some skills, you Cosmetic pen can choose th […]

By learning some skills, you Cosmetic pen can choose the products with good quality and low price.Selection of cosmetics packaging materials: It needs to have certain physical performance. Because packaging is to protect products, so packaging materials must have a certain strength, flexibility, in order to adapt to a certain external shock, pressure and other shocks in the process of transportation. Now, no matter what age group of women, they will buy some cosmetics to do beauty, which will involve the choice of some packaging materials.

Many people buy some inferior products because of being greedy and cheap. As a result, they are regretful. Different cosmetics use different packaging materials, such as mirror box, which is relatively strong in impact resistance, not to crack, especially the position of the buckle, we must pay attention to. Isolation capability. Because cosmetics need to be used for a long time, they should include the ability to isolate light, moisture, temperature, etc.

Like the foundation class, the requirement for moisture isolation is high. If the moisture is too much, the powder will become sticky and not suitable for use. Some cosmetics will change color in the place with strong light. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of light isolation, so transparent cosmetics packaging is not suitable.Sealing performance. Cosmetics packaging must have a certain sealing performance, after a variety of environmental changes, in order to use for a long time without leakage and deterioration.

Like the change of temperature, there will be a strong sense of vibration during transportation, or the impact force when losing. Low cost. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetic packaging materials, the cost of materials should also be considered. In order to select the materials with better quality and lower cost, we should not only avoid excessive packaging of cosmetics, but also meet the quality of cosmetics packaging.