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If you were a cool kid in the '90s then odds are you ha […]

If you were a cool kid in the '90s then odds are you had a in-1 retractable pen that you used to doodle in your Lisa Frank notebooks. If you've since given up the joys of multicolor pens, you can now indulge in a blast from the past and streamline your makeup bag in the process. A new beauty brand called Alleyoop launched the Pen Pal  meetalleyoop a pen that houses four makeup products.

The pen clicks to release a black eyeliner, shimmer highlighter, mauve lip liner, and brown eyeliner eyebrow pencil.One shopper called it "the best tinted moisturizer ever" and said, "I absolutely adore this moisturizer and have been using it for 10 years! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and provides a smooth, even finish. It's lightweight but provides ample coverage for summer.

Each is thin, so the pen takes up way less space in your bag than four separate products would. Consider it a lifesaver for trying to cram as much as possible in a carry-on or minuscule clutch. (Related: Roll-On Beauty Products That Fit Perfectly In Your Travel BagBesides the Pen Pal, Alleyoop launched eight other genius products intended to provide smarter alternatives to traditional beauty products.

If you've ever resorted to dry shaving because you weren't near a sink, you'll appreciate the All-In-One Razor, meetalleyoop. a pod with a revolving compartment containing a refillable razor cartridge, moisturizing stick, and spray bottle that you can fill with water.Another stand-out? -in-1 makeup brush with a face brush and sponge that snap off to reveal brow and eyeshadow brushes. Did we mention this stuff is genius? Related Travel Beauty Products That Will Refresh Your Hair, Face, and Body After a Long Flight.

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