Eyeliner Eyeliner What is the difference between eyeliner


Eyeliner, suitable for portraying nude makeup, can draw […]

Eyeliner, suitable for portraying nude makeup, can draw a natural layered makeup effect, even for novices. Eyeliner, eyeliner is easier to use than eyeliner, it is very easy to draw, and the lines drawn are very smooth and docile, the effect is more natural than the eyeliner. Eyeliner, as the most durable eyeliner product, also has excellent waterproofing.

Whether you are climbing or swimming, don't worry about blooming. Eyeliner This eye cosmetic has two main features. The first is that the texture is strong. The eyeliner is not only colored, but has no special texture effect, but the eyeliner can show different pearlescence, matte, metallic luster.

The texture effect, the second is that its makeup effect is longer than the eyeliner, natural, is the longest-lasting eyeliner product, so many professional makeup artists will have eyeliner in the cosmetic case. The eyeliner is a type of make-up product that is used to deepen and highlight the makeup of the eye, making the eyes look big and fascinating. The shape is similar to a pencil.

A special pencil sharpener or knife can be used to remove excess wood and improve the thickness of the tip. The lines of eyeliner are rich and smooth, which is very suitable for the makeup that is currently popular. The tail is slightly raised to emphasize femininity. Draw a slightly upward extension along the arc of the outer corner of the eye, but the length of the rise should not exceed the width of the double eyelids. If it is too long, it will appear unnatural.

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