Eyeliner for different occasions


Everyday outings definitely don't need heavy makeup, it […]

Everyday outings definitely don't need heavy makeup, it looks very weird, and regular makeup is not good for the skin, so the daily routine is to make a light makeup out of the door, so it can be improved, so the choice of eyeliner should also be A low-key, such as black and brown is a good choice, black can be used to draw heavy makeup, but daily light can also be used as a light makeup.

If you usually attend a party, of course, the more you shine, the better, or you will be easily overlooked, because you look too unobtrusive, so this time you can choose eyeliner to use purple, pink, wine red, etc. Several colors are very happy colors, very suitable for parties, you can echo your dress.

Casual makeup generally pays attention to comfort and simplicity, such as going out for a trip, street shooting, etc. At this time, you usually wear some casual and energetic clothes, so you should also meet these two points in the eyeliner match. The suggestion is to choose green and blue. Waiting for the cool eyeliner, this eyeliner does not calculate color but is not very low-key.

Exquisite women should bring their own flashes everywhere, the whole body is shining, so you can choose silver or white eyeliner at this time, so that your eyes can be brightened, others can see life from your eyes. Attitude makes people feel that your life is very delicate. After all, the eyeliner of these two colors is not something that everyone can control.

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