How to choose the right eyeliner


The eyes are the windows when we communicate with peopl […]

The eyes are the windows when we communicate with people. A pair of sly eyes will make our face value rise a few levels in an instant. In addition to eyelashes and eye shadows, the eyeliner is also vital and smooth. The eyeliner will make our eyes look deeper and more divine. For some novices, it may be a big problem to draw a good eyeliner.

But you must overcome this problem and your value will be upgraded, so choose the right eyeliner. The pen has also become a key issue. This is an eyeliner pen that can solve the problem of the inner and outer eyeliner at the same time, and the waterproof performance is very good. Even if sweating is not afraid in summer, the brown refill can be easily found by natural novices.

Driving, its refill is very thin, the kind of softness is not particularly soft, but it does not poke the eyes very smooth like the touch of mousse, it is very suitable for the hand and the party to use it to use the daily eyeliner Immediately become a god. And the dark brown does not look carefully and can't see the eyeliner will think that the eyes are long like this!

This pen has a pencil sharpener on the back cover. If it is sleek, it can be said that it is very intimate, but it may be a little dizzy. It will not last long, but it is a cleansing water when removing makeup. It is very clean when applied and does not have to worry about residue. The most important thing is that the price is very cheap and suitable for the baby who is initially learning to draw the eyeliner.

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