Lipstick development history


The value of the face is not high, and the lipstick is […]

The value of the face is not high, and the lipstick is very important. Now we love the biting lip makeup, swearing male color, in fact, ancient times have already existed. Today we will talk about the lipstick and lip makeup of ancient women. As early as the pre-Qin period, there was a phenomenon in the society to appreciate the beauty of female lips.

The Songs of the South" said that "white and black, lips and Shifang", then women know how to use bright pigments to beautify the lips and enhance the value. So, what kind of raw materials are used in ancient lipsticks? The lipstick used in the early days was called "mouth fat." Lips are made from red cinnabar pigment or rouge with animal fat.

The production process of lipopoly is more complicated. Firstly, the two kinds of spices, clove and musk, are picked into the good cotton, and then put into the slightly hot wine. The hot wine absorbs the flavor of the cotton, and after soaking, removes Cotton and spices, put the butter or bovine marrow into the liqueur, stir-fry, then remove the fire and fry。

then slowly mix the cinnabar pigment, and mix it with the green oil, stir evenly, after the fire, the natural cold spring The red grease is condensed and the lip fat is finished. Princess Yongle, the daughter of Emperor Xuanzong, is a make-up artist. She used to make a variety of cosmetics, in order to be able to develop cosmetics, she also opened a garden to plant a variety of spices and fragrances. In her garden, there are twenty or thirty kinds of plants that can be used to make lipstick.

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