Tips for using a pencil


For eye makeup, choose a soft pencil with a moderate so […]

For eye makeup, choose a soft pencil with a moderate softness; use a harder pen for the makeup of the lips, so that the makeup is more durable. The pencil used to paint the eyebrows should be harder so that a clear, slender, long-lasting eyebrow line can be drawn. The stylus used for eye makeup should be treated with a soft pen.

When the tip of the pencil is too dry, heat it and apply it repeatedly on the back of the hand. If the pencil is too greasy, the pen can be immersed in the cosmetic powder. It is used to draw outlines. The outline can be used to cut the pen into thin strips. For example, when drawing the lip line, it is used to fill the empty space to make the color uniform. The tip of the pencil should be cut into a wide strip, such as when drawing the eyeliner.

You want to make the pencil sharp and easy to break. You can put the pencil in the refrigerator before use. If the pen core is soft, you can use the lighter's torch to bake the core for a while, or when the surface of the thermoelectric lamp is in contact with a few times, the pen will become hard. When the pen is not in use, it must be put on the cover to maintain a smooth and perfect nib shape. The further development of the pencil in this field requires cooperation between market participants and suppliers.

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