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If you are an eyeliner enthusiast, you know how importa […]

If you are an eyeliner enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your cosmetic bag with a perfect liquid eyeliner formula. When you buy an eyeliner, consider not only your skin type meaning - fine lines or normal skin soft skin, but you must also invest in high quality formulas, easy to slip and win 'day bleeding, running or fading . To make your work easier, we have collected the best liquid eyeliner for those worthy Insta wings!

MAC Liquidlast Pad Anti-smudge does not irritate the eyes with extreme pigmentation A little difficult to remove makeup If you are looking for a long-lasting liquid eyeliner with perfect precision, MAC Liquidlast Liner will be your new favorite! This product is available in a variety of classic and stylish tones. The packaging is very basic, but its brush is amazing - you only need one stroke to get the thick line. It will also last a long time. We like its texture and post-application feel.

In addition, it will dry and keep it all day in a few seconds! This is really a must-try Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner is easy to apply. Long-wearing Suitable for sensitive skin and eyes Extremely pigmented. Its applicator is a bit hard. If you have eye-wearing eyes, this liquid eyeliner from Rimmel is good for you! Even after a long period of wear, its formula will not crack. It dries quickly and allows you to apply more coats when needed - but a coat can do it well! Its applicator tip allows you to adjust your flick or wing angle in a variety of styles and orientations.

In addition, a bottle will last for a long time. You can cry or laugh - it won't give in! Moreover, in terms of its price, this product is very suitable for pharmacy liquid eyeliner. Kristin Dior Art Pen Packed User-friendly applicator Long-wearing No peeling The price may be a concern for some people This liquid eyeliner is very easy to apply. Its formula has perfect consistency and it slides like a dream! If you want a nice, clear line - this will do it right away. Its felt tip makes it easy to use, even for those who have difficulty maintaining their hands when applying eyeliner. In addition, have we mentioned how strong this pigmentation is.

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